Badlands: THE ROCK August 24th-26th in association with Redwolf Airsoft!

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Badlands: THE ROCK August 24th-26th in association with Redwolf Airsoft!

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24th- 26th August 2012 At THE ROCK, Portland, Dorset.

Spec Ops, In association with REDWOLF AIRSOFT, a major international airsoft retailer, bring you a weekend of intense firefights in the ultimate gaming environment.

Redwolf will have their shop, a weapons exhibition, including some Airsoft Surgeon creations, and many of the team, including "Arclight", Redwolfs media guru will be on site all weekend.

Cost: £75

£25 deposits payable either on-site or by cheque to: Spec ops ltd
94 Norton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2PZ

*Free goody bag for every player + PA system in game area all weekend*



In the near future, Britain has been torn apart by a civil war. It all started in 2012, when the fuel started to dry up. People across the planet became panicked and disillusioned by their governments, riot’s started people died, societies crumbled. Britain’s populace, tired of the government’s approach to the situation, decided to take matters into their own hands and began arming themselves against rioters.

This group of civilians protected their territories, and showed the government that their leadership was no longer needed. They became the Free People’s Movement. Since the upheaval, the prime minister declared martial law and the military and police forces united to form one solid imperial force. Their task was to subdue the rebellion, protect the government and restore order. The British Unionist Force had free reign to complete these objectives by any means necessary, including performing immediate summary executions.

This quickly led to an abuse of power, the country divided and a civil war erupted. Many joined the uprising with the F.P.M to turn Britain into a socialist state, where all people would be treated equally and for the benefit of the country, whereas the B.U.F already had solid numbers and brought in many civilians through conscription in an attempt to again turn Britain into the empire it once was. Though many decided not to give up the anarchy and proceeded to embrace the collapse. These people became murderous bands of raiders, taking what they could and only thinking of themselves.

Since then the country has been caught up in a brutal civil war, both sides straining to gain leverage over the other through the procurement of equipment and valuable supplies of food, medicine, and fuel. The most desired and direct route for supplies is through an area of desolate wasteland known as “The Rock”.

Recently ‘The Rock’ was invaded by a gang of raiders, who attack any supply convoys crossing the territory, mercilessly killing and looting. This has caused the F.P.M and the B.U.F to dispatch squads to not only clear the raider infestation without prejudice, but to gain control of the region for their own faction..


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