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Badlands Booking

Post  the_judge on Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:44 am

Here it is, ladies and gents!!!! As you know, redwolf is coming down with a whole plethora of shiny shiny toys... What you DIDNT know is that this includes airsoft surgeon customs and special one-off productions, and that the staff will be on hand the entire weekend to chat to you and answer any questions including ARCLIGHT!!! For those of you that don't know, he's been doing the redwolf reviews on YouTube for a good long while now, and is something of an airsoft celebrity! (although im still holding out for the girl that does the videos now!) But that's not even the BEST BIT!!!

Every player, and I mean every player, will receive a goody-bag from redwolf! I've no idea what will be in them but free kit is ALWAYS a good thing.

PA system is going to be on site playing music during the games. If you have any requests don't be shy almost anything goes!!!

The price has been confirmed at £75 this year, which is a little more than previous years but remember we're going bigger, better and more badass than ever before. To secure your place, please pay a £25 deposit either on site at any of our games or post a cheque to:

Spec Ops Ltd
94 Norton Road

Prepare yourself for one mighty weekender, ladies and gents. EPIC is a word we don't use lightly.

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